YFN Arts Brand

Register for the YFN Arts Brand and sell your work on YFNArts.ca

The YFN Arts Brand was created to promote and celebrate all forms of art made by Indigenous artists living in the Yukon and to ensure consumers are purchasing work made by Indigenous artists, performers, musicians and makers.

The YFN Arts Brand will help create awareness of the culturally rich work made by Indigenous artists across the Yukon through our tagline, OUR ART OUR STORIES.

We have created a variety of marketing tools, such as product tags and branded packaging. We hope this program will increase visibility for Indigenous artists in Yukon and we will continue to roll out resources in the coming months. 

This program is open to all Indigenous artists in Yukon. Musicians, visual artists, performers are all welcome!

All artists participating in the online store are required to be registered within the YFN Arts program.  

Register for the YFN Arts Brand program here. 

Want to check out our guidelines? Find them here. 

Need to re-order marketing tools? Find the link here

How to sell with us

    • Register with the YFN Arts Brand. Order your boxes, tags and bags

    • Contact our offices at store@yfnct.ca to discuss your work and what inventory you have available
    • View our YFN Arts guidelines

    • Complete an inventory sheet (download, save and open for fillable file)

    • Tag your work with the YFNArts branded material

    • Include a 25% commission in your price

    • Drop off or mail your work to:

      YFN Arts
      2nd Floor
      Office #10
      Hours: Thursday and Friday 10am - 3pm

    • Please allow up to two weeks before your work appears online

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact us at: store@yfnct.ca.